Music House is a unique space where everyone has equal opportunity and
access to music and singing.

Our values support our vision. We are Inclusive, we are Accessible, we are Fun, we are Empowering

Every person in Leeds regardless of background, race, religion and status should have the same opportunities to music and singing.

Music House is for the community

Our building with its rich music and singing history is a community hub. Because we want it to be filled with people from every walk of life, a key focus for 2021 is to work with different groups and audiences in Leeds:

As a sub-brand of Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, Music House is underpinned by the College’s charitable trust aims and ambitions. This is extremely important to us — we are committed to:
• working with schools in deprived areas to provide music lessons for students
• engaging different sectors of our community: old and young; those with physical or learning difficulties and groups of socially or physically excluded people


Theatre / drama groups

Black Asian minority ethnic primary and secondary school students

Disability networks/special education needs students

Seniors — retired, living in care homes or assisted living

Choirs and singing groups

Arts, crafts and holistic groups or networks who are looking for a venue

If you would like to find out more about our work and have an enquiry about music or singing lessons or group learning we look forward to hearing from you.

Or it may be that you’re looking for a venue, 
our rates
are surprisingly affordable.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to have
a chat and help you.