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Cheaper lessons, same level of expert teaching

We know it can be difficult to commit to 1:1 lessons – even though our lessons are very competitively priced.

With this in mind, we have created small group lessons for 2-6 people. Our sliding scale means you pay less than you would for 1:1’s whilst benefiting from the same level of expert tuition. 

The table below demonstrates the great savings. 


Group learning not only brings the lesson price down, it’s a great way to learn if 1:1 lessons don’t appeal.  

Benefits include:

  • a great pathway to 1:1 lessons 
  • small group learning = great level of teaching only cheaper 
  • most instruments and singing can be taught 
  • sign-up as an individual or bring up to five friends 

Research shows the profound positive affects of music on our mental health including enhancing focus, boosting the immune system, building confidence and reducing stress.

Your commitment 

As with 1:1 lessons, we ask you to sign up to a term of group lessons (academic calendar). Based on when you enrol,  payment is calculate for weeks remaining in the term.  

To run a group lesson we require a minimum of two people, so it may be that we have to take your details and contact you when we have another student. 

If you have two or more friends GREAT –  we can start your lessons straight away.   

Flexible learning times 

Group lessons can be taught from 10am – 7pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 10am – 1pm meaning you have a good level of choice of days and times. 

Take time for yourself. Get in touch and sign up to group lessons at Music House. 


Telephone: 0113 243 1605 – Monday to Friday 09.30am – 7pm 
Email to admin@music-house.org.uk 

Free on-site parking

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Did you know… 

We also offer a range of specially priced instrument and signing taster courses. Depending on the course chosen, commitment is 30 –  60 minutes a week for 4-6 weeks. 

Find out more and download our short taster courses leaflet