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Two Leeds based charities are joining forces to facilitate creation of ‘Reggae Roots’ the first Youth Reggae Choir… not only of Leeds … but the UK!

Music House and Geraldine Connor Foundation are working together to bring to life a decade-long dream of young people advocate Sheila Howarth. Teacher, singer and community ambassador who has dedicated her career to young people, helping them shine by developing confidence and championing their voices to express their creative ideas.

Sheila is joined in Reggae Roots by tour de force singer songwriter Annette Judah Morris whose reggae music career spans over 40 years as part of the duet, Royal Blood. Annette also brings her extensive experience in activism, mental health and social care to empower the young choir members of Reggae Roots.

The dream team is completed with talented singers and musicians Christella Litras, alongside Paulette Morris, Leroy Johnson, Cleve Freckleton who will support the rehearsal and creative song writing process at Music House.

Sheila Howarth said: 

“Reggae brings people together through rhythm, like a heartbeat that never stops.”

8-19 years olds who enjoy singing and performing are already signing up! They’ll be

encouraged to bring ideas which will be adapted to celebrate the lineage of reggae music and its impact on Western society whilst teaching communities the significance of this hugely expressive genre.

Reggae Roots has received £3,000 from The World Reimagined, a ground-breaking, national art education project which aims to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact.  This grant will help to fund the choir rehearsals during September in preparation for several performances in connection to the Leeds Globe Trail this October.

Reggae Roots will bring together young people from diverse backgrounds, providing a musical outlet to express identity and equality. Taking inspiration from the famous words of iconic reggae artist Bob Marley “In this great future, you can’t forget your past’. This is the start of something wonderful that will evolve and grow and in time, will form a legacy of its very own.


Notes to Editors

  1. In my absence (annual leave). For media enquiries including a photocall / exclusive interview with Sheila Howarth at Music House, please telephone 0113 243 1166 to speak with Selina McGonagle, Director, Geraldine Connor Foundation or Hannah Finnimore, Communications Officer. Alternatively email selina@gcfoundation.co.uk or hannah@gcfoundation.co.uk
  2. Reggae Roots is delivered in partnership with Geraldine Connor Foundation and The World Reimagined.
  3. Reggae Roots will be artistically directed by visionary Sheila Howarth. Annette Judah Morris will lead music supervision as well as taking up the role of Choir Master alongside Christella Litras, Paulette Morris, Leroy Johnson, Cleve Freckleton.
  4. Reggae Roots is free to attend. More information and details of how young people can sign up can be found on the Geraldine Connor Foundation website page
  5. Rehearsals will take place 10am – 12pm at Music House every Saturday from 10 September to 15 October.
  6. Reggae Roots will be inspired by the 9 themes of the Journey of Discovery with The World Reimagined and will perform at multiple public venues in Leeds City Centre on Saturday 22nd October.